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Our Philosophy

Inspired by the principles of social justice and a sustainable future, we at GEPROG GmbH have developed a unique philosophy. It is based on the firm belief that the digital world can be made better - not only technologically, but also ethically. We are convinced that technology should not only generate profits, but also have a positive social impact. For this reason, we take a holistic approach that enables us to make the working world of tomorrow fairer, more open and more flexible.

At GEPROG GmbH, we believe in partnership and cooperation at eye level. We believe that transparency and fairness are essential in any business relationship. Our customers and cooperation partners can rely on us to not only offer first-class technical solutions, but also to be transparent about our working methods and prices. We are only satisfied when you are. Our focus on socially responsible projects and our orientation towards the principles of the economy for the common good underline our responsibility towards society and the environment. We are actively committed to ensuring that our work has a positive impact on the world and helps to overcome social and environmental challenges.

Our philosophy is not only reflected in our words, but also in our daily work and the projects we realize. We are proud to be a software company that is not only technologically innovative, but also makes a difference. Welcome to GEPROG GmbH, where technology and ethics go hand in hand to create a better digital future.

Social responsibility

We feel a high degree of social responsibility and act in accordance with ethical principles. Our work is geared towards having a positive impact on society and creating sustainable added value


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us. We are actively committed to environmental sustainability by using environmentally friendly hosting solutions and energy-efficient technologies. Our software solutions aim to conserve resources and minimize environmental impact.

Cooperation and fairness

Our cooperation is based on partnership and fairness. We believe in transparent billing and are committed to fair remuneration for our employees and partners. We are convinced that fair business practices are more successful in the long term


We strive for constant innovation and work continuously to improve our working methods and technologies. We are convinced that innovation is the key to overcoming future challenges


In a constantly changing world, we adapt flexibly to the needs of our customers. We develop tailor-made solutions and are prepared to break new ground to meet your requirements

Our Tech Stack

Our technology stack is at the heart of our work. We deliberately chose these technologies because they enable us to develop outstanding solutions

In addition to our current stack, we also master a wide range of other programming languages and technologies such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Flutter and more. However, our focus is on the most modern and innovative technologies included in our current stack. Nevertheless, we are flexible and able to utilize our broad expertise in other technologies in various projects to help our clients achieve their goals and develop innovative software solutions

Typescript Logo


We rely on Typescript to ensure that our codebase is stable and scalable. This allows us to develop faster and more efficiently.

Vue3 Logo


Vue3 gives us the opportunity to design modern and appealing user interfaces that delight our customers

NodeJS Logo


The speed and scalability of NodeJS is crucial for the development of high-performance applications

FeathersJS Logo


This framework significantly accelerates the development of REST and WebSocket applications and fits perfectly with our agile way of working.

Golang Logo


Golang enables us to develop powerful, parallel applications and is ideal for the implementation of microservices

Python Logo


With Python, we can realize complex data analytics and machine learning to provide valuable insights to our customers.

Websockets Logo


We rely on Websockets to enable real-time communication between client and server, which is essential in many modern applications.

Kubernetes Logo


Kubernetes enables efficient management and scaling of our applications in dynamic environments. Even with changes in demand, it ensures smooth operation and minimal downtime.

Docker Logo


Docker facilitates our development through containerization. It ensures consistent environments, speeds up the development process and enables seamless deployment of applications in different environments.

MongoDB Logo


MongoDB is our preferred NoSQL database that allows us to flexibly manage unstructured data. We use MongoDB to store and retrieve data efficiently, which increases the performance of our applications.

CouchDB Logo


CouchDB is a NoSQL database that fulfills our distributed database requirements. We use CouchDB to synchronize and replicate data, which makes our applications more resilient to outages.

Playwright Logo


Playwright is a powerful tool for browser automation. We use Playwright to test our applications on different browsers and make sure they work consistently and reliably.

Vitest Logo


Vitest is our preferred test framework for comprehensive unit and integration testing. It specializes in testing Vue.js components and ensures the quality of our user interface.

Jest Logo


Jest is another testing framework and ensures the reliability and quality of our software.

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Open Source Commitment

Our commitment to open source goes beyond the use of open source solutions. We actively contribute to the open source community by developing our own open source projects and supporting other developers and teams. Visit our profile on GitHub to learn more and connect with us.

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