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We are dedicated to elevating your digital vision and enriching your projects with our coding expertise

Our portfolio

Our portfolio reflects our commitment to digital innovation and social responsibility. We work on projects that are not only technically challenging, but also make a positive contribution to society. Our focus is on socially responsible projects and an orientation that makes companies more efficient and resource-efficient by supporting digitalization.

Our projects range from developing web applications in the medical sector to supporting the maritime industry with electronic logbooks. We also offer booking software and interface development for various industries. In addition, we manage specialized projects in the food industry and in accounting for agricultural machinery dealers

Our projects are not only technically outstanding, but also ethically and socially responsible. We pride ourselves on developing solutions that shape the working world of tomorrow and contribute to a better future by making businesses more efficient, resource efficient and sustainable. Discover our portfolio and learn more about our projects that reconcile digital innovation and social responsibility.

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Igniting Innovation in Every Line of Code

We ignite your creative ideas with our coding expertise and foster innovation in every project

Our tech stack

Bookyp - Booking app for workstations

Booking app for workplaces (Bookyp): Our own booking app for workspaces, Bookyp, is a key element of our commitment to a better and more sustainable working world. This innovative solution enables coworking spaces and companies to book their workspaces flexibly and efficiently. With Bookyp, we help them to plan resources optimally and use space efficiently, and our solution is characterized by a comprehensive knowledge of the modern working environment. We understand the importance of flexibility and efficiency in today's working life. Bookyp not only promotes resource-efficient use of space, but also helps to improve social interaction. This app enables companies and coworking spaces to share workspaces while taking into account the individual needs of employees. With Bookyp, we not only help to minimize vacancies, but also increase the mobility of employees. The app helps to reduce commuting times and costs and thus supports a more sustainable working environment. We are proud to offer this innovative solution, which brings both economic and social benefits and helps to shape the working world of tomorrow.

Three screenshots of the bookyp app. A laptop showing a calendar with various bookings. A tablet showing a list of different offices. A smartphone showing a room view with different workplaces

Maritime economy (electronic logbook)

Our efforts in the field of electronic logbooks are aimed at modernizing the shipping industry and simplifying the logging of ship data. Together with Anschütz GmbH, our goal is to develop solutions that increase efficiency and help shipping companies improve compliance. A large part of our solutions are based on a no-code platform that allows shipping companies to customize all information according to their individual requirements. With our deep understanding of the maritime industry and our passion for innovative technologies, we strive to create solutions that meet the needs of the industry and shape it in a forward-looking way. Our electronic logbooks are set to become an indispensable tool for the shipping industry to drive the industry towards efficiency and transparency

e-log from Anschütz GmbH

Medical applications (ward round app)

Our expertise in developing medical apps for documentation has a significant impact on efficiency in healthcare. We pride ourselves on helping medical staff and facilities optimize patient care and enable real-time information sharing. Our healthcare solutions are characterized by an in-depth knowledge of the industry. We understand the complex requirements and the need to document medical data accurately and securely. Medical apps help to streamline workflow, minimize errors and improve the quality of patient care.

A tablet with an app that is used for medical documentation

Project management app

The project management app effort is aimed at creating an innovative solution that has its origins in the maritime industry and at the same time can be used as an overarching reporting and controlling tool for a variety of projects. We have realized this project in the form of a pure service by supporting another company to turn their idea into reality. The special feature of this app is its user-friendliness and efficiency. With only one view and minimal subpages, it offers a unique UX/UI experience. This particular focus has allowed us to sharpen our UX/UI skills even further. The goal is to provide a customized solution that meets the needs of a wide variety of projects while increasing efficiency in project management. This app is an example of our ability to develop innovative and effective solutions that can be used in different industries and for a variety of applications.

OneSight by Project Analysts
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Our middleware and interface solutions have optimized communication and data exchange between different systems in the food industry, resulting in more efficient operations. We have worked on middleware and interface projects that optimize accounting and data collection for agricultural machinery dealers and simplify the management of inventory and financial data.